Sheffield police call out driver for 'inexplicable' parking

abandoned car in Sheffield
The small car had been 'abandoned', police said. Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Police say a driver could face court action after parking in an "inexplicable" manner at a junction in Sheffield.

The Sheffield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) posted a photograph on social media of the car parked a distance from the kerb, and blocking a dropped kerb, on a bend in the road.

Writing on Twitter, the team said: "Tiny car, lots of space, inexplicable parking. PC Thorndyke saw this rather confusing display of vehicle abandonment while on patrol yesterday."

The team said the driver would "have a chance to explain at court" or pay a £100 fine and received three penalty points.

In response to a question from a Twitter user, the team added: "I sometimes wonder if people think [the dropped kerb is] there for the driver's convenience."

They added: "My 'badly parked cars' album is coming on a treat. Strangely no one has taken us up on contesting that they were parked entirely legally yet, wonder why."

The latest incident comes after the same NPT seized a car that was parked entirely on the pavement.

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