Father who took toddler daughter on dangerous motorbike ride through Hull jailed

James Giles
James Giles. Credit: Humberside Police

A father who took his toddler daughter on a dangerous off-road motorbike ride without a helmet or restraint has been jailed.

James Giles, 24, sat the 16-month-old on the petrol tank of his unregistered bike before riding through Hull, the city's crown court heard.

She could be seen on CCTV footage with a dummy in her mouth as he weaved in and out of traffic at the busy Mount Pleasant junction and along Holderness Road.

Stephen Robinson, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court: “The defendant undertook vehicles and veered a lot. He went through a red traffic light and took his hands off the handlebars at least once.”He rode with his daughter for around four minutes before dropping her off and was then captured again riding dangerously on his own.Mr Robinson said: “He attempted to do a wheelie and was speeding. He nearly crashed into a motorcycle after going through a red light.”

The court heard the incident was caught on the dash cam of a driver who posted the footage on social media. Mr Robinson read out a statement from the witness, who said: “I saw the man riding with a child, who must have been no older than two with a dummy in her mouth. I was very angry by what I had seen. I posted the video on social media and I reported it to police a couple of days later.”Giles handed himself in to police after being made aware of the video.

He admitted dangerous driving and exposing a child under two to harm.

The court heard he told officers: “I made a very big mistake that day”.Judge Kate Rayfield told Giles: “You made a decision to put your 16-month-old child on the front of your off-road bike on a busy road with no helmet for either of you. It is hard to fathom what you were thinking."She added: “It must have been obvious to you that you could have killed your daughter and you exposed her to such a dangerous risk."Giles broke down in tears as he was jailed for 16 months. He was banned from driving for two years and eight months.

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