Sheffield Wednesday boss Darren Moore criticises fans booing players taking the knee

Darren Moore has been the manager of Sheffield Wednesday since March 2021. Credit: PA

Sheffield Wednesday boss Darren Moore has again criticised his own fans for booing players who take the knee after the latest in a string of incidents.

Moore spoke out after boos were heard in the away stand at Adams Park on Saturday as Wednesday's hosts Wycombe Wanderers knelt before the game, which the Owls went on to win 1-0.

"Booing is a negative connotation, it's certainly not a positive," said Moore.

"I've always said, to act on it is not the right thing to do, because we're all trying to achieve the right thing, which is a positive outcome, and booing certainly is not a positive outcome.

"You've got to think about the environment that you're setting, and we've got to be responsible for that."

  • Sheffield Wednesday fans appear to boo players taking the knee before the game against Wycombe Wanderers (credit: ITV Sport)

Moore was speaking at an anti-racism session at a primary school in Sheffield as part of a community outreach project organised by the EFL.

He was prompted to make similar comments in November after booing at Wednesday's home game against Shrewsbury Town.

Moore said people had to "come together as one" at the "very highest level of the game and within society in general" to tackle the problem of racism.

"You can only make sure that as an individual that you're carrying the right message. My message is always to be inclusive, my message is to include everybody, whether you're inside the game or outside the game," he said.

League One side Sheffield Wednesday are currently second in the table having won their last four league games. Credit: PA

However, Moore refused to be drawn on the controversy surrounding ex-Crawley Town manager John Yems, who was given a 15-month ban from the game after he was found to have made racist remarks to players.

The FA said it was considering a legal challenge against the findings of an independent panel which found Yems was "not a conscious racist", saying it "fundamentally disagreed" with the conclusion.

"The system's been dealing with this situation," said Moore. "I'm not an expert, I didn't go into the hearing... it's being dealt with."

John Yems was found guilty by an FA panel of 12 counts of using racist and derogatory comments between 2019 and 2022. Credit: PA

Moore said people have been able to directly contribute to the effort to combat racism through tools such as social media.

"What we have done is challenge each other in terms of the questions being asked when these situations arrive," he said. "The challenge is 'what can I do better to make it better'."

"That's the challenge that we've all got to adhere to if we sincerely want to make it a better place."

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