Police searching for wanted man in Heckmondwike find chihuahua missing for six years

Chewy the chihuahua
Chewy the chihuahua was reunited with his owners after six years. Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Police hunting a wanted man failed to find their intended target – but recovered a "long lost" dog who had been missing from home for more than six years.

PCs Kirsty Stanley and Jacob Wood, of the Batley and Spen Neighbourhood Policing Team, were searching a house in Heckmondwike when they found a chihuahua dog.

The property was otherwise empty, but the two officers took the animal to a local vets after speaking to neighbours who were unsure about where he had come from.

West Yorkshire Police said they discovered the "long lost" dog was microchipped and called "Chewy". He had been registered as missing from a home in Batley in 2016.

After reuniting Chewy with his owners, PC Stanley said: "We join policing to help people and both Jacob and I were so glad this was a story with a really happy ending.

"It was fantastic to take Chewy back to his owners and see the looks on their faces when they saw him after so long."

Insp David Bates, of the Batley and Spen NPT, said: "This is a truly heart warming story and I’m really pleased with both my officers whose thoroughness has brought some wonderful news for a family to start 2023 with.

"This case also really highlights the importance for dog and cat owners of having their pets microchipped at their vets.

"This case really does go to show that even if a pet is missing for years there is a chance he or she can find their way home."

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