Dash cam footage shows moment house exploded in Goole

  • Jonathan Kirk's dash cam caught the moment of the explosion.

A driver has spoken of how he witnessed a house exploding in front of him in a moment caught on his dashboard camera. Jonathan Kirk had been visiting friends in Goole, East Yorkshire, and was driving along Marlborough Avenue in the early hours of Sunday when a blast largely destroyed the terraced property.

Mr Kirk said firefighters were quick to stop the blaze spreading, but had to take action to prevent a wider risk to the public.

"There was a danger of it collapsing, so that's when they started pushing everyone further back,” he said.

"I think it probably would have been about an hour to fully put it out and keep it structural. The residents were a bit dazed and a bit shocked."

The incident left the top floor of the property completely exposed.

The house was fenced off after the incident. Credit: ITV News

Humberside Police said there were reports that the explosion happened after the gas supply to the property was tampered with.

A man has been charged with causing criminal damage recklessly endangering life.

Wayne Vines, 56, of Marlborough Avenue, appeared at Hull Magistrates Court on Monday. Following a short hearing, the case was adjourned until 20 February.

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