Family's 'heartbreak' as 'precious' dog last seen falling off Bempton Cliffs

Dog daisy falls off Bempton Cliffs - Laura Campbell FB
Daisy was seen falling off the edge on 2 March. Credit: Laura Campbell / Facebook

A family have spoken of their "heartbreak" after searches failed to find a dog which fell off cliffs on the Yorkshire coast.

Laura Campbell said her dog, Daisy, disappeared over Bempton Cliffs on 2 March. Friends and family were involved in looking for her.

In a post shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook, Ms Campbell said she would "always love" her "gorgeous girl" and that she hoped "you’re getting all the belly rubs in the world my love."

Announcing the news, she said: "Unfortunately last night we tragically lost our precious Daisy when she fell off Bempton Cliffs.

"Our dearest Daisy… words can’t describe the heartbreak we are all feeling right now.

"You are and always will be the sweetest pup. You left us doing what you loved most with who you loved most."

Searches for Daisy have been unsuccessful so far. Credit: Laura Campbell / Facebook

Ms Campbell said she was walking Daisy near the duck pond at Buckton and had no idea that the cliff was nearby as there is no signage in the area.

She said that Daisy is a very well trained working dog.

She added: "I can’t thank enough our family and friends that came together to help look along the shore line and try to bring her home. Sadly we have been unsuccessful so far."

Ms Campbell said that the Coastguard had deemed it unsafe to search the clifftop area and has asked for locals to keep an eye out while walking along the coast in the coming days.

She said that Daisy may wash up further down the coastline towards Flamborough and asked people to get in touch with her or the Coastguard if she was spotted.

Daisy's owner highlighted an area where she may be washed up near Bempton. Credit: Laura Campbell / Facebook