Council 'vigorously' pursuing options to reopen Doncaster Sheffield Airport

 Doncaster Sheffield Airport lit up in colour
Doncaster Sheffield Airport was closed in Autumn 2022 after owners Peel said it wasn't financially viable. Credit: PA Images

City of Doncaster Council has agreed to set aside £3.1 million of funding as part of its efforts to reopen Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

The site was closed in Autumn 2022 after owners Peel Group said it was no longer financially viable.

Earlier this year the council was offered a lease to run the airport and bosses are now in talks with the owners to buy it.

The authority says it is willing to force Peel to sell the site with a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) if it comes to it.

A funding package has now been approved by the council's cabinet to help pay for that option, which will cover "legal and programme" costs.

ITV News has approached the The Peel Group which has declined to comment.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport workers protested over the closure last year. Credit: ITV News

A report discussed by councillors on the morning on 12 April said: "Given its strategic importance, economic value and significant growth potential, plans to re-open the airport are being vigorously pursued.

"There is extensive support for the reopening of DSA from the public and business community, along with cross-party political backing. This includes petitions with more than 130,000 signatories that have called for the airport to be saved."

The airport opened in 2005 after it was converted by the Peel Group from the old RAF Finningley airbase.

At its peak it processed more than a million passengers a year, flying to 50 destinations.