Football fan jailed for racist gestures at Leeds United v Aston Villa match

Credit: PA

A Leeds United football fan has been jailed for 16 weeks after he made 'abhorrent' racist gestures during a match at Elland Road.

David Ellis, 39, from Pottery Lane in York, made the gestures when Leeds were playing Aston Villa on 2 October, 2022.

He was arrested after a video of the incident was shared on social media and it was seen by police officers.

It is thought the gestures were being made at away fans rather than at a player.

Ellis pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated public order offence and was sentenced at Leeds Magistrates Court on 6 April, 2023.

The incident took place at the match between Leeds United and Aston Villa at Elland Road in October 2022 Credit: PA

West Yorkshire Police is warning others that racist behaviour could lead to a prison sentence.

Detective Sergeant Rob Kennerley of Leeds District Police, who investigated the incident, said:

"We welcome the sentencing of Ellis for his abhorrent behaviour and hope it sends a strong message that racism will not be tolerated at football matches or in any other walks of life.

"As we have seen with this incident, other fans will rightly take exception to this type of behaviour and are prepared to challenge it as completely unacceptable.

"We continue to work closely in partnership with Leeds United and encourage anyone who encounters racist abuse or other hate crime to report it to us so we can take action and make sure those responsible face the consequences."