Leeds United criticised for ignoring young fan at hotel before Bournemouth game

The team appeared to ignore a fan with an autograph book who waved at them Credit: @igrattan

Leeds United have apologised after criticism on social media over a viral video which appeared to show some players ignoring a young fan when they were leaving a hotel.

The video shows the team leaving their hotel before they faced Bournemouth in the Premier League on Saturday 30 April.

Players, mostly wearing headphones, file past a group of supporters who have congregated behind a roped cordon, including a child wearing a Leeds strip and holding an autograph book who waves at them.

The video has attracted a lot of criticism from fans on Twitter.

Rob said: "What a shambles we have become. Give the little man a high five or something:"

Conn said: "Really doesn’t take much to acknowledge people who look up to you."

Former Leeds United player Brian Deane weighed in, saying "signing an autograph for a supporter is a way of keeping supporters well supporting you"

Leeds United issued a statement on Monday 1 May which read: "Words can’t express how sorry we are that the youngster in the video wearing the Leeds kit is not shown more love from the squad.

"On a matchday we do an activation walk, before and after this we stop for photos and autographs to ensure we interact with fans, but also that we are on time when leaving for games."

"However, there is no excuse for not acknowledging fans and if the parents of the fan wearing the Leeds kit in the video could make themselves known to us, we would be grateful."

Leeds United lost 4-1 to Bournemouth, deepening fears that they will be relegated to the Championship at the end of the season.