Children throw stones at seal resting on slipways in Bridlington's harbour

'Lizzie' hauled herself out on the Oss Wash in Hull to rest a few months ago Credit: Emily Mayman / BDMLR

People are being urged to stay away from a female grey seal which is resting on slipways, after children threw stones at her.

'Lizzie' hauled herself out on the Oss Wash in Hull to rest a few months ago, and has now moved up to Bridlington's harbour.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) charity says people have been invading her space whilst trying to rest.

This includes dogs being allowed to approach her, children throwing stones at her, adults poking and prodding her sides, clicking and clapping to get a reaction, flying drones in to her space, approached for selfies, throwing food at her, and shouting. 

Emily Mayman from the charity says the animal 'deserves better than this' and if people must go and visit her, they should stay as far away as possible and remain quiet.

People are also being advised not to post about her on social media, as it encourages more people to go and see her.

People are being asked to stay as far away as possible to allow the seal to rest Credit: Emily Mayman/ BDMLR

She added: "Our voluntary Marine Mammal Medics are monitoring her regularly however they can't be with her 24/7 as they all have other rescues to attend, as well as their own jobs and lives. 

"At present she is resting and recuperating after her journey from Hull, where she has lost some body condition however is still a strong female Grey seal who will defend herself if she has to.

"Relocating her will cause her stress which is presently unnecessary as she isn't the problem.

"Seals can inflict nasty bites if harassed, and causing them to flee in to water means they can injure people in the way as well as themselves. 

"Seals haul out for many hours at a time to rest and relax, and they do not need to be wet or in the water. "

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