Sheffield owner offers £20,000 reward for return of stolen '£100,000' horse

  • Video report by Hollie Goodall

The owner of a stolen horse said to be worth £100,000 is offering a £20,000 reward for its safe return.Mr Sheffield, a two-year old chestnut Appaloosa stallion colt, was taken over a month ago from Stacey Gill's smallholding on Salt Box Lane, Grenoside, in Sheffield. The incident is believed to have happened between 2am and 3am on 11 August. Mrs Gill has CCTV footage of a van speeding away from the Saltbox Lane area on the night Mr Sheffield went missing. She believes the raid was targeted as none of their other horses or riding equipment was stolen.

CCTV captures a van speeding away from the scene. Credit: Stacey Gill

There have been no confirmed sightings of Mr Sheffield and Mrs Gill is offering a £20,000 reward for her pony's safe return. Stacey and her husband James say the horse is so valuable because it is a stud colt and has sired 40 foals this year.

She said they are "distraught" at Mr Sheffield's disappearance but added: "We as a family are all pulling together and it’s made us realise how strong we are." Mrs Gill said: "It's impacted the kids. It's impacted our relationship at points but then on other points it's brought us stronger."She added: "He is part of us, and no matter what price anybody could've put on him, I wouldn't have parted with him."Posters have been put up across the UK and Ireland appealing for any witnesses or anyone with additional CCTV or dashcam footage to come forward. Mrs Gill says Mr Sheffield has 'very distinctive markings'.Mrs Gill has also created a Facebook group, with the help of missing animals charity Beauty's Legacy, to share information about the search. Mrs Gill said, on Facebook: "All it takes is one person to have eyes on him so please keep sharing and keep ears and eyes open."Lisa Dean from Beauty's Legacy said: "We've got a lot of different organisations working with us. The thoughts are he's possibly in Wales so we're working with colleagues over there. The race is on to try and find him."

South Yorkshire Police said investigations had been carried out, but added: "At present, no suspects have been identified.

"The case has been filed pending further information coming to light."

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