Dewsbury man who abused three girlfriends in a year guilty of strangulation

Ryan Brook, 35, has been found guilty of intentional strangulation and assault by beating. Credit: MEN Media

A man who abused three girlfriends in a year has been found guilty of strangling his ex-partner until she lost consciousness.

Ryan Brook, from Dewsbury, attacked his former partner - who he had known for six months - in her own home and strangled her twice.

The woman lost consciousness but Brook went back and did it again after throwing items around her home.

Leeds Crown Court heard it was the third time in less than a year that the 35-year-old has assaulted a partner. The previous two times - in October 2022 and January 2023 - were against two different former partners.

At the time of this attack on 12 August this year, he was the subject of a community order.

Prosecutor Victoria Barker said a domestic violence protection order had been put in in July for 28 days, but on August 4, just before 11pm, Brook went to the woman's home.Ms Barker said: "He went to her ground floor flat and began banging on the bedroom window. She saw it was him and phones the police.

"A neighbour heard glass smashing. He was arrested and it was noted he was intoxicated and had a laceration to his hand."Brook was bailed on the condition that he not contact the woman directly or indirectly or go to her home address - but he breached this on August 12.

Ms Barker said: "At around 5pm he went there again and was in drink and was aggressive towards her and asked her to allow him entry so they could talk.

"She said she felt pressured to let him in and when he entered he locked the door and they began arguing.

"He slapped her four times to the face - causing a bruise she had already had to bruise worse. The arguing continued. After around two hours they were arguing in the living room and he grabbed her legs, causing bruising.

"She left the room to go to the bedroom in the hope it would diffuse the situation but he threw items around the living room. He followed her and the arguing continued.

"At one point he put his hands around her neck and squeezed and said he would kill her. She passed out and when she came around he attempted to strangle her again. She was able to kick him away."

The incident finally came to an end when Brook, of Headfield View, Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury took some sleeping pills and went to bed.

The woman, who has previously suffered a heart attack, said she believed her passing out during the strangulation would cause another one.

In her victim impact statement, the woman said she has struggled since the incident, has lost a lot of weight due to stress and has been prescribed Diazepman.

She said: "I feel he needs to move on with his life and not hurt anymore women like me." The woman said she wants Brook to get help.

The court was told he admitted criminal damage during his police interview but was found guilty of intentional strangulation and assault by beating at trial.

Mitigating, Samreen Akhtar said the relationship's up and downs were "exacerbated by alcohol." He said: "She [the complainant] was jealous of younger females when they would give him attention while they were out.

"He has expressed apologies and remorse for his actions."

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