Man faces 18 mile tip trip due to council red tape

David Steer is renovating his house in Gimsby

A man who is renovating his home is frustrated by the limit on how much waste he can take to his local tip, forcing him to make an 18 mile trip.

David Steer from Grimsby has a large amount of brickwork to dispose of but because of council red tape he can only take three buckets at at time meaning he has to make three journeys instead of one.

David is calling for the council to change its rules.

But North East Lincolnshire Council, who are in charge of the centre, state that the limit is to prevent contractors from using it as and when they like. They add that the centre is for household and domestic waste, not construction waste like David's bricks.

The council say the centre is for household and domestic waste, not construction waste like David's bricks. Credit: MEN Media

David said: "I recently purchased a trailer to take my waste to the tip as I had so much of it. However, when I went I was told they couldn't take all the bricks at once. I was informed that I could only bring three tubs worth once a day."

He added: "I've got three large plastic tubs, but they barely fit anything in so I now have nine bucket loads of bricks just sat on my drive. What would have been a single six mile journey is now going to take three journeys totalling 18 miles."

David said the centre is focused on recycling, but by making three trips instead of one he is tripling the CO2 output from his car, harming the environment.

"The area is meant to be focused on creating clean air, you can't turn the telly on without seeing something about global warming and this isn't helping. Besides, it's not as if I'm down there with rubbish every day.

"I'm just a normal person trying to get rid of some bricks."

In response, a spokesperson for North East Lincolnshire Council said: "Community Recycling Centres are there to help households dispose of reasonable amounts of waste and recycling.

“Rubble isn’t classed as ordinary household waste, it’s demolition and construction waste and it’s costly to dispose of. Another reason to limit the amount is to deter traders from disposing of commercial waste for free at the expense of council tax payers.

“Most tips place limits on the amount of rubble or hardcore people can bring, some don’t accept it at all and some charge for it. If you have a large quantity of rubble to get rid of, consider hiring a skip instead.”

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