Police track lorry stolen in Leeds to Doncaster

stolen lorry
The lorry was tracked to a compound in Doncaster. Credit: Doncaster NPT

Five men were caught unloading white goods from a stolen lorry after police used its tracking device to trace them to a compound.

South Yorkshire Police were contacted by their colleagues in West Yorkshire after a trailer containing £60,000 of washing machines and fridge freezers was stolen in Leeds on Thursday, 23 November.

The tracking device activated in Stainforth near Doncaster.

In a social media post, the Doncaster East Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) said: "Officers immediately went to the identified location to find a HGV with a large trailer parked in a secluded spot.

"As you can imagine its not particularly easy to hide something that measures 16 metres long and nearly three metres high!

"As officers approached the rear of the trailer they saw 5 males efficiently unloading brand new washing machines and fridge freezers. Strangely the males did not want to chat and began climbing the walls of the compound trying to escape."

Three men were arrested at the scene. Two others were found hiding close by, police said.

All the stolen goods were recovered.

The NPT added: "We appreciate its black Friday and there may be deals to be had, but I don’t think this is in the true Christmas shopping spirit!"