Halifax woman 'can't thank people enough' after botched boob job in Turkey

Chloe Rose an aesthetic practitioner had been without pain relief since the surgery Credit: MEN Media

A 23-year-old woman who was stranded in a Turkish hospital after a boob job went horribly wrong says she 'can't thank people enough' after being flown home.

Chloe Rose, from Halifax, was left with open wounds in her chest and infections following the operation.

She claimed doctors in Turkey removed too much of her breast skin during the procedure and didn't wear the correct protective clothing.

Chloe had travelled to the European country to have breast uplift surgery and a cosmetic tooth procedure during a week-long holiday with her friend Rachel Mucha.

The pair arrived in Turkey on Monday (Jan 15) and Chloe went in for breast surgery on Tuesday (Jan 16), but the 45-minute procedure ended up lasting for five hours.

Chloe’s sister-in-law Collette Pickering, 27, said: “When Chloe finally came out of her surgery, she was convulsing on the bed.

“Soon after that, her nipples changed colour to black. The doctors undid the stitches and uncovered that they’d removed too much skin from her breast during the operation, which cut off the circulation to her nipples.

“During this, the doctors were wearing either incorrect or no PPE at all, which resulted in necrosis (the tissue dying). "

Chloe had travelled to Turkey with her friend for the surgery

Chloe, an aesthetic practitioner, had been without any pain relief following the operation.

Collette continued: “They told her that if she didn’t stop crying they would discharge her and that it would be on her if she died because she’s ‘not drinking enough water’

Collette had been in touch with the British Embassy and her local MP who have got Chloe get access to antibiotics and helped with translation issues.

“The doctors refuse to take responsibility for the malpractice and negligence. They’ve now told her she needs to pay more fees to stay in the hospital,” she added.

In a desperate plea to get Chloe back home, her family launched a fundraising appeal to pay for an air ambulance to bring her back to the UK.

In just a few days they had managed to raise more than £8000.

In a post on the GoFundMePage last night (Sunday 21 January) Chloe's friend Rachael posted that they had been able to secure a flight home.

"Myself and Chloe have managed to get a medically assisted flight back to the UK, rather than an air ambulance - we cannot thank you all enough.

We now ask to please stop your donations as we have enough to pay for Chloe to get home and get the medical assistance she needs."