Paranoid man repeatedly strangled his girlfriend, telling her 'this is the day you're going to die'

Hassan Hussain
Paranoid and controlling: Hassan Hussain Credit: MEN Media

A man described as 'paranoid and controlling' has been jailed after carrying out a sustained and violent attack on his partner who believed his threats that she was going to 'die that day'.

Hassan Hussain, 26 from Northside Road in Bradford assaulted the woman over several hours, strangling her a number of times until her eyes were bulging and she couldn't breathe.

She was left fearing for her life as her violent boyfriend told her: "This is the day I'm going to kill you."Bradford Crown Court heard the woman had been in a relationship with Hussain for just nine months when he started trying to control her through his 'barbaric use of violence'.Hussain first attacked his then-partner on May 9 2023 punching her in the face, grabbing her, and throwing her onto a bed. He then strangled her for the first of a number of times.Just over three weeks later, Hussain turned violent again when the woman "wouldn't let him go through her phone".

Benjamin Whittingham, prosecuting, said: "He strangled her to the point she couldn't breathe and bashed her head into the wardrobe. She fell to the floor and he picked her back up and threw her onto the bed. He strangled her again and said: 'This is what cheats get.' He hit her to the head."The court heard that the woman was hurt and, during a video call with friends, they screenshot the conversation showing the extent of her injuries. The following month, Hussain assaulted the woman again over a two-hour long period - and continued his attack the next morning.Mr Whittingham said: "In the evening they had been drinking together. He drank a large amount of vodka and had smoked some cannabis and became angry when she refused to let him look through her phone. He was paranoid about her having contact with an ex and strangled her."He repeatedly told her: 'This is the day I'm going to kill you and that's what cheats deserve.' He hit her and pinned her down. She tried to leave and he came towards her so she went back into the bedroom and he strangled her and said: 'Today's the day you will be dead.'"She believed he wanted to kill her. It lasted until the early hours of the morning and they both fell asleep."The attack continued when Hussain woke up. Mr Whittingham said: "She thought he would kill her. He grabbed her and threw her to the floor, kicking her and pulling out some of her hair. He strangled her repeatedly and grabbed her neck until her eyes were bulging and she couldn't breathe. He would stop for a second and then start again. He said: 'This is your day. Today you're going to die.'Hussain only stopped because a neighbour heard screaming and called the police.Hussain was arrested and gave a no comment interview. He only pleaded guilty to controlling and coercive behaviour and two counts of intentional strangulation on the day of his trial.Celine Cart, mitigating, said Hussain had no previous convictions. Ms Cart said: "He has reported to myself and to the probation service that he was heavily using - if not addicted - to cannabis. He has a close-knit family. He has the support of his parents, grandparents and siblings."Prior to his remand in custody he did help care for his grandfather. He has been remanded for seven months now. He has sought support and engaged in various programmes. He is a trusted prisoner and has numerous appraisals and there are no reports of bad behaviour." 

Hussain was jailed for three-and-a-half years and also made the subject of a 20-year restraining order, prohibiting him from contacting the victim.Want a quick and expert briefing on the biggest news stories? Listen to our latest podcasts to find out What You Need To Know.