Sheffield charity celebrates birthday by giving out teddies with scars like its service users

Credit: ITV Calendar

A Sheffield charity is celebrating its 60th birthday by handing out teddies which have scars like its service users.

Sheffield Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SHASBA) has teamed up with 3D ToyShop, where they adapt toys to have the same medical aids as their owners, to normalise the conditions some children are living with.

Dozens of toys have been handed out to children in Sheffield at the special anniversary event this weekend.

Some of the teddies donated had implants sewn into them Credit: ITV Calendar

Nick Hardman, founder of 3D ToyShop, said: "I want all children with implants and scars to have teddies with matching implants and scars to have a friend like them.

"It helps them understand their own devices and implants. They can understand how it all works, they have a little friend to take to hospital with them and it shows their scars aren't a bad thing because their teddy has one too."

Alison Slattery, whose daughter Zoe received a teddy, said: "It'll help to explain and to show more visually about Zoe's shunt and her operations because showing pictures is more difficult for her to understand."

The charity provided 24 toys to be given to children at the event.

SHASBAH support people with Spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus in the local area Credit: ITV Calendar

Nina Rose, SHASBAH, said: "It can be unknown territory when you have a child with a diagnosis like this so we are here to show them that there is a life that they can enjoy.

"This event is bringing us all together and showcasing what we do and all the connections we have and by having 3D ToyShop here too is fantastic."

SHASBAH was founded in 1964 and helps individuals, families and carers by hosting social events to reduce isolation, give specialist advice and provide small-scale financial aid for specific needs.