Doncaster Council appeals for help to find hot tub fly-tippers

fly tipped hot tub
The hot tub was dumped in the village of Skelbrooke. Credit: Doncaster Council

A council has warned fly-tippers they face ending up in "serious hot water" after dumping a hot tub outside a model flying club.

Doncaster Council posted a picture on social media of the equipment outside Skelbrooke Model Flying Club.

They wrote: "When we find the culprits they'll be in serious hot water! "Unbelievably, this hot tub was fly-tipped in Skelbrooke earlier this month and it was no spa day for our team to clear it."

Followers of the council's X account were quick to respond in kind.

One said: "Yikes, someone's in trouble. Fly-tipping a hot tub is a serious jacuzzation."