Rob Burrow's doctor reveals how she broke the news he had MND

Rob Burrow Credit: ITV

The doctor who broke the news to Rob Burrow that he had MND has spoken about how the former rugby star faced his diagnosis with courage.

Dr Agam Jung, a consultant neurologist at Seacroft Hospital in Leeds, said the former rugby star was determined from the start to raise awareness of the condition.

"When you know that you have a life limiting condition, from diagnosis to death is only about two years and people are generally absolutely devastated. It is hard to get your thoughts together. But Rob was very stoic and he already had a plan of how he was going to deal with the condition," said Dr Jung.

"I had a very special bond with Rob. And there were conversations sometimes that we had which were quite philosophical, quite difficult and very sensitive. I have drawn immense strength from him since I first met him," she said.

Dr Agam Jung Credit: ITV

Dr Jung will join family and close friends at his funeral which will take place on Sunday July 7 , named 'Rob Burrow Day ' in honour of the number 7 short he wore for Leeds Rhinos.

She said when she told Rob he had MND he asked her to support his campaign to raise awareness.

"He has given hope and strength to many of my other patients by opening up about his condition and allowing people to see him and his family," said Dr Jung.

A specialist MND centre is now being built in the grounds of Seacroft Hospital to replace the current facilities which medical staff say are unsuitable for patients with complex needs and for their families.

Fundraising spearheaded by Rob Burrow fir the centre has raised more than £5 million.

Dr Jung said: "People often talk to me about the legacy that Rob has left, and they think it is in terms of his rugby greatness and the physical building of the Rob Burrow centre. But to me, actually, it is far more than that.

To me his courage is his lasting legacy, and jhis ability to laugh even in the most difficult situations.

I miss Rob and I can only say the words that I've said to him on the first time that I had met him - that it was an honour and a privilege to look after him. "