Royal salute for the Queen

There will be a unique Royal salute in York to celebrate the official birthday of the Queen.

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Royal Salute for the Queen

There will be a Royal Salute in York in celebration of the Queen's official birthday. The city is one of twelve saluting stations including London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff and is the only one in the North of England.

The salute consists of the firing of twenty-one rounds from three guns at fifteen-second intervals at the Museum Gardens. The light field guns, which were brought into service for Royal Salutes in 2008, have been used in service in the Falklands and latterly in Afghanistan.

The historical companies and guilds of merchants are joining forces with the Army for the celebration - members will wear their traditional robes to see the Army fire the field guns.

The Sovereign's birthday is officially celebrated by the ceremony of the Trooping the Colourin London.


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