Occupy Bradford demo

The company behind a multi-million pound shopping complex in Bradford are appearing at the city's county court today to try and evict a group of demonstrators - who have taken over the Broadway site.

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Occupy Westfield protesters continue demo online

Protesters who were moved off the site of a proposed shopping centre development in Bradford yesterday have removed their camp from the city.

A court order was made to evict the Occupy Westfield group from the site which has been derelict for more than six years. Campaigners - who are pressing for work to begin - moved to nearby grassland following the order.

They've now decided to withdraw and continue their campaign online.


Occupy Bradford protestors evicted

Protesters demanding action to make a start on the Westfield shopping centre in Bradford have been evicted from the site.

A hearing at Bradford County Court this morning ordered them to move on from the city centre spot where they set up camp two months ago. They're calling for building work to get underway on the stalled project.

The group said it was transferring its protest to public grassland nearby and had already achieved one of its aims. We have spoken with protestor Adban Awan.

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