Man jailed over tent attack

A 25 year old landscape gardener has been jailed for four years after deliberately driving into a tent and injuring two teenagers.

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'Fun adventure turned into terrifying nightmare'

Benjamin Allerton Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Speaking after the jailing of Benjamin Allerton, Detective Sergeant Mandy Grundy said:

"What began as a fun, camping adventure for the teenagers, turned into a terrifying nightmare during which they were in fear for their lives. Allerton used his vehicle as a weapon to cause serious injuries, and it goes without saying that the consequences could have been much worse. "

“Although we are very pleased that the young man made a speedy recovery from his injuries, the incident occurred in the run-up to his GCSEs and meant he missed two weeks of school at a crucial time, and once he returned, had to rely on fellow pupils taking his notes."

"The incident has also affected the young girl’s confidence, leaving her scared to go out or be at home on her own. I hope that now justice has been done, she can now try to put this traumatic time behind her and move on with her life."

"I would like to pay tribute to all of the young victims and witnesses who assisted the investigation, it is not an easy thing to go through. “We are pleased that yesterday’s guilty plea spared the young victims the ordeal of having to re-live their nightmare in court."

The sentence reflects the seriousness of the incident and Allerton now has ample time to reflect on what he has done.”


Jail for tent attack man

scene of the attack in Barlby Credit: Calendar news

A landscape gardener from Selby in North Yorkshire has been jailed for four years after he drove his van at teenagers camping in a field. Twenty five year old Benjamin Allerton wept in the deck as he was sentenced at York Crown Court for two counts of grevious bodily harm.

The court heard that Allerton had been drunk when he had tried to join a group of teenangers camping in fields at Barlby. He had thrown petrol on their campfire and felled trees with a chainsaw he took from his van.

He later drove the vehicle into a tent, injuring a 16 year old boy and leaving a 13 year old girl with bruising. The judge said it gave him no pleasure whatsoever to jail Allerton as he was a person of positive good character and his character reference had been "afffectionate, indeed glowing."

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