Revamp for Lincoln Castle

Further details are being made public about a multi-million pound revamp for Lincoln Castle. The development would create a new vault for the Magna Carta in a purpose built visitor centre.

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Millions to be spent on Lincoln Castle

Detailed plans showing how £20 million will be spent revamping Lincoln Castle have been shown off to members of the public for the first time.

The historic site will get a new exhibition centre including a special vault to hold the Magna Carta and visitors will be able to do a complete lap of the castle walls for the first time. James Webster's been to take a look.


Images show transformation planned for Lincoln Castle

The centrepiece of the new development will be a new Magna Carta vault. The team at the castle previously considered displaying it in the old men's prison but decided that sends out the wrong message about the document, and the surroundings would be too bright and may damage it.

New Magna Carta vault Credit: ITV Calendar

The men's prison, housed in the building shown below, will be opened up to the public again. Access is not currently possible.

Victorian male prison Credit: ITV Calendar

The development will also make it possible to walk a full lap of the castle walls. Special ramps and a lift will be installed to allow access for those with mobility problems, but in a way that doesn't detract from the historical nature of the structure.

New fencing around the castle walls Credit: ITV Calendar
A new lift tower to improve access Credit: ITV Calendar
A ramp helps those with mobility problems to access the walls Credit: ITV Calendar

Public invited to view new plans for Lincoln Castle

Members of the public are invited to view the plans this afternoon for a £20m revamp of Lincoln Castle. A new visitor centre including a vault to hold the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest is proposed along with the re-opening of the male prison and improvements to the wall walks.

A presentation will take place at The Lawn in Lincoln from 1.30pm to 4.40pm where the chairman of the Historical Lincoln Trust will introduce the team behind the project including an archaeologist, one of the architects and the historical researcher who is looking into the background of the site.

This is an opportunity to find out about what will be happening up at the castle over the next couple of years, improvements that will make it one of the UK's top historic attractions. Not only will this ensure that this local landmark is kept in good condition for future generations, it'll also attract thousands more visitors, providing a sizeable boost for the local tourism economy.

– Councillor Eddy Poll, Lincolnshire County Council.


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