Two injured in flood bridge collapse

Two men have suffered head injuries after a bridge collapsed in the North York Moors due to flooding.

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Bridge collapse men in hospital

Two men are continuing to receive treatment in hospital after they fell into a river when a footbridge collapsed in North Yorkshire.

A 65-year-old was flown to hospital in Middlesbrough with head injuries and a suspected broken arm, while a 50-year-old was driven to hospital with hypothermia and head injuries.

The men were with a pheasant shooting party at High Askew, near Cropton, on the edge of the North York Moors, when the pedestrian bridge gave way at yesterday.


BREAKING: North Yorks bridge collapses - two rescued from flood waters

Rescue teams were scrambled when two people ended up in flood water after a footbridge collapsed on the North Yorkshire Moors.The Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Great North Air Ambulance were called to High Askew near the village of Cropton.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service confirmed crews had been sent to the scene but had no more details.

One person was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital at Middlesborough. The second person was taken to hospital by ambulance.

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