Drug theft cop given 23 years

Former West Yorkshire detective Nick McFadden has been found guilty of stealing drugs from a police lockup and selling them on the streets of Leeds - and has been given a 23 year prison sentence.

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Wife of police officer who sold drugs "lived high life"

Karen McFadden and her husband Simon - the brother of Nick McFadden, an officer who sold seized drugs - lived the "high life" on the proceeds of the stolen drugs.

Leeds Crown Court heard the couple spent £160,000 in a matter of months. Karen McFadden, 41, spent thousands in Harvey Nichols and Vivienne Westwood.

She bought bikinis at £160 each, and a private number plate for her MX5.

She explained her fortune away by claiming they were casino winnings. The prosecution said Karen McFadden, who admits money laundering, spent the money knowing it was the proceeds of her husband's criminal activity but without knowing the finer detail of how he had come about the cash.


Police officer guilty of dealing hard drugs seized from criminals

A corrupt police officer has been found guilty of dealing large amounts of hard drugs seized from criminals he'd helped to put behind bars.

Nicholas McFadden and his brother Simon made a fortune taking heroin and cocaine from police stores and selling them back onto the streets.

The pair were convicted at Leeds Crown Court today. Nicholas McFadden also admitted money laundering. David Hirst reports.

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