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FOR some, it may be just a flag but for Brian Fairfield, it symbolises his love for his country. Ex-serviceman Brian Fairfield, 80, has been told to take down his Union flag

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A patriotic ex-serviceman says he's shocked after being told to take his Union Flag down, because neighbours say it's an eyesore''. Brian Fairfield put up the flag last Tuesday - four days later he says he was ordered to remove it by his landlord, as Sarah Clark reports.


Waving goodbye

A patriotic ex-serviceman from Hull has been told to take down his beloved Union Flag because, according to neighbours -''it's an eyesore''.

Pensioner Brian Fairfield proudly hoisted the flag on a 14ft high flag pole in his back garden. But just days later he got a phone call from his his landlords at Sanctuary Housing ordering him to take it down because other residents had complained it was an eyesore that made too much noise.

Veteran in flag row

Brian Fairfield - told to take his flag down Credit: Calendar news

An 80 year old ex-serviceman from Hull has been told to take down a Union flag from his back garden... because it was an eyesore and made too much noise. Brian Fairfield says the flag symbolises his love for his country.

But just a few days after raising it he was told by his landlords that other residents had complained. Mr Fairfield, who has lived in Impala Way for a year and a half, joined the medical corps in 1949 and was later posted to a field ambulance in Germany.

He then joined the parachute regiment and left active service in 1951. Mr Fairfield said he had proudly hoisted the flat to the top of its mast each morning since putting it up a week ago. And that he and his wife remain convinced the flag "looks good" in their garden.

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