County council elections

Residents in four county councils in our region went to the polls yesterday. The Conservatives will be licking their wounds this morning after losing overall control of Lincolnshire County Council.

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Local election results

There has been an upsurge in support for the UK Independence Party in Lincolnshire which means the Conservatives have lost control of the County Council

As former councillors lick their wounds and reflect on their losses, UKIP announced it had sent a "shockwave" through the establishment with its tally of seats and share of the vote.

Although Nigel Farage's party upset the apple cart in Lincolnshire, their policies however didn't sway voters in North Yorkshire, and in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Labour now have control.

Voters were also being asked to elect a Mayor in Doncaster - and there'll be a new face at the town hall.



Conservative leader in Lincolnshire: working with UKIP could be "shambolic"

A Conservative leader has admitted a local authority coalition with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) would be difficult as he knows very little about its new councillors.

UKIP secured 16 of the 77 seats on Lincolnshire County Council, having previously held none.

The Tories fell three seats short of retaining overall control of the authority after losing 25 divisions to leave them with 36 of the 77 available.

"The trouble with UKIP is they are all new councillors.

"If we are going to work with people, we need to know what they are about and where they are coming from.

"I am not ruling it out but it seems difficult to get through those problems.

"I think David Cameron and the Coalition have got to show more that they are not just taking rural and suburban areas for granted."

– Martin Hill, Conservative group leader
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