New Dambusters film

A new film dramatising the secret Dambusters mission from a Lincolnshire airbase during World War Two is being made to go into schools to teach teenagers about the daring mission.

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Daring dambuster raids documented in new drama

A new drama is being produced which documents the daring Dambusters raids from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire during World War Two. This week marks exactly 70 years since the secret missions to destroy three dams over the River Ruhr. East Lindsey District Council is producing the video for schools.

The 20 minute drama charts the emotional journey of the seven-man Lancaster Bomber crew on their perilous night-time mission across occupied Europe. A Lincoln-based film production company, Red Dog Film, is currently finishing editing the drama, entitled 'Lancaster' which will premiere next month.

There are many similar documentaries charting that area of conflict at the time, but there hasn't been a drama about Bomber Command since The Dambusters in 1955. The film aims to transport the viewers into the life of the crews of Bomber Command. I'm sure they will be moved by what they will see. We hope to educate youngsters on what life was like during the Second World War for teenagers the same age as them, faced with the prospect of going to war and not knowing whether they will survive. It is a very sobering and thought-provoking realisation.

– Executive Producer Lorrie Stock


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