Needham: New DNA fight

The mother of the missing Sheffield toddler Ben Needham is fighting to get a DNA test to determine whether a man in Greece, who's been identified by two separate sources, is her son or not.

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Exclusive: two separate sources identify 'Ben Needham'

Calendar can exclusively reveal that a gypsy living in Greece has been named by two separate sources as Ben Needham, who disappeared as a toddler from the island of Kos in 1991. The breakthrough has come after Ben's mum Kerry and one of our producers appeared on Greek TV late last year.

A caller to the show, which specialises in finding missing people, specifically named a man living in the north of the country. The same name was given to Kerry independently when she made a follow-up trip to Greece.

Now Kerry has spoken of her frustration that a DNA test, promised at the time has still not been done. Her MP Labour's Angela Smith has confirmed she is raising the matter with the Foreign Office.


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