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A woman in Leeds who faces "certain death" if she's deported to Nigera will find out today if an appeal to have her sent back is successful.

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Campaigners overjoyed at Roseline decision

We are overjoyed with today’s judgment. Roseline has had to endure months of needless worry and anxiety because of this groundless and expensive appeal by the Home Secretary, which has aggravated Rose’s fragile health condition. We really hope that the Home Office now has the sense to admit defeat so that Rose can get on with her life and continue contributing to her community as she has been doing for so many years.

– Esme Madill, Save Rose Campaign


Roseline wins the right to stay in Leeds

Roseline Akhalu

Roseline Akhalu, who was facing deportation to her native Nigeria, has won the right to stay in the UK.

Roseline first came to Leeds to study in 2004, and shortly after was diagnosed with kidney failure. In 2009 she had a kidney transplant, but said that if she were forced to return to Nigeria she would die as she would not have access to immunosuppressant drugs.

Roseline's campaign to stay in Yorkshire had received wide support, including from the actor Colin Firth.

MP lends support to Rose Akhalu

Rose Akhalu's MP Greg Mulholland is "appalled" by the Home Office's "persecution". The Leeds kidney transplant patient faces death if an appeal to send her back to Nigeria - brought by the Home Office - is successful today.

"It is very concerning that despite a ruling in her favour, the Home Office and the UKBA continue to pursue and harass Rose and seek her deportation."

"That they are still pursuing this after a judge upheld Rose's appeal in November is worrying but that they are doing this despite Rose facing certain death if she is forced to return to Nigeria, is disgraceful.

"Despite support for Rose from across the community and indeed the country, the UKBA continues to waste taxpayer's money seeking deportation of this seriously ill woman. It is time for the UKBA to stop this and to allow Rose to live in peace in the UK."

– Greg Mulholland MP, Leeds North West


Colin Firth backs Rose

Actor Colin Firth broke off filming in France this week to lend his support to the Leeds kidney transplant patient who faces death if she is forcibly returned to Nigeria. Roseline Akhalu came to Leeds from Nigeria nine years ago to study for a Masters Degree.

She faces an appeal hearing in London, brought by the Home Office, against the findings of two judges that she should be allowed to remain in the UK. Roseline will die within weeks if she is returned to Nigeria.

"I need hardly add my voice to the wholehearted love and support, surrounding Rose in her community and among her friends."

"We all hope that the good sense and humanity displayed so far by the courts will now prevail and that her life will be saved."

– Colin Firth

Leeds transplant patient awaits deportation decision

Roseline Akhalu

A woman who faces "certain death" if she's deported to Nigera is facing another court battle to stay in the country today.

Roseline Akhalu had a kidney transplant while she was legally living in Leeds - but now her visa has run out the government wants to deport her to a country that cannot provide her with anti-rejection medication.

A judge has already allowed her to stay - but the Home Office is appealing the decision today in London.

Born in Nigeria Roseline came to live in the UK on a Visa and has lived in Leeds for nine years.

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