New forensic search for Claudia

A new forensic search of the home of missing university chef Claudia Lawrence is beginning as detectives launch a fresh review of the case.

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Claudia Lawrence: New forensic investigations

Four and a half years after she vanished, Claudia Lawrence's home in York is tonight sealed off as forensic experts hunt for clues which could lead them to her killer.

The home where she lived alone in York is a crime scene once more as police hope advances in forensic science could provide vital clues to what happened to her.

Claudia's family have welcomed North Yorkshire Police's new review of the mystery. We'll be hearing from Claudia's mother in a few minutes. Chris Kiddey reports on a new start to the hunt for Claudia.


Forensic search of Claudia's home

Police on duty outside Claudia Lawrence's home in York Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Police are back on duty outside Claudia Lawrence's home in York as a forensic team prepares to search the house once again.

Experts will spend two weeks looking for clues which may lead them to solve the mystery of what happened to her.

Claudia, who was aged 35, has not been seen since Wednesday March 18 2009 when she finished her shift for the day at the University of York.


Claudia:Latest police review

Claudia Lawrence Credit: Family photograph

Detectives overseeing the new forensic searches of Claudia Lawrence's home four-and-a-half years after she vanished, say there is no "smoking gun" or breakthrough in the case. But for her family, the new review offers hope that the mystery of what happened to her may be solved.

Her parents, Peter and Joan Lawrence have been calling for a new investigation and met with North Yorkshire's new Chief Constable Dave Jones in recent weeks. Two earlier reviews of the case were carried out by the National Policing Improving Agency (NPIA) in 2009 and 2010.

Earlier this year, North Yorkshire Police said:"Their (the NPIA) report concluded that the investigation had been conducted with integrity and objectivity...and that, where individuals had been subject to investigation, no opportunities had been overlooked."

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