Dickie statue reinstated

A statue of cricketing legend Dickie Bird has been reinstated in Barnsley today. It had been interfered with by members of the public - who used Dickie to hang various items.

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Dickie 'delighted' to see statue back

Dickie Bird says he is "thrilled and delighted" to see his statue back in Barnsley.

It had been removed to have a higher plinth built to discourage people hanging things off his outstretched arm.

Sculptor Graham Ibbeson says the statue was designed to be on a raised platform, but he doubts the six foot height boost will discourage any light hearted pranks.

Songs at Dickie statue unveiling

A ' Higher Up Dickie' unveiling at midday today in Barnsley will feature songs and celebrations.

The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonigan will sing their tune ' Lift Dickie Up Where He Belongs'. Dickie is doing the honours himself.

The statue will be placed higher, as revellers used Dickie's outstretched umpire's finger to hang rude items.


Dickie Bird statue unveiled - again

Dickie Bird when the statue was first unveiled

The statue of cricket legend Dickie Bird will be unveiled today in Barnsley - for a second time.

But this time, the sculpture will be elevated to stop people hanging rude items on his outstretched finger.

Mr Bird, who has been spotted removing the items himself, said he was not offended by this.

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