Row over comments on immigration by Ukip councillor

Ukip politician Victoria Ayling from Lincolnshire has hit her party with a new racism row after footage was published in which she said all immigrants to Britain should be sent home. The councillor defected from the Conservatives in March 2013.

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Ukip's Ayling 'must apologise' for immigration remarks

Labour MP David Hanson wants Victoria Ayling to apologise. Credit: Labour Party

Shadow immigration minister David Hanson called for an apology after comments made by Ukip councillor Victoria Ayling.

"This type of offensive language should have no place in modern Britain," he said.

"British people do not deserve to be 'sent back home' because this is their home.

"It has taken us years to defeat the ideology and language of the NF [National Front] and the views of the BNP [British National Party] and they should not be resurrected by someone calling themselves a serious politician.

"She needs to apologise and repudiate the use of this type of language and thinking."

Ukip release statement backing Victoria Ayling

Ukip says it will stand by Victoria Ayling and has dismissed allegations that she holds extreme views.

"These comments were made 5 years ago when Ms Ayling was a Conservative candidate. Off the cuff remarks have been deliberately misconstrued. We believe, and she assures us, that these comments refer to the status of illegal entrants to the UK. We cannot comment on material made while she was a Conservative candidate but we believe her to be a good councillor and upstanding citizen and will support her through this."

– Ukip spokesperson
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Ayling wary of 'waving National Front flag a bit'

Other remarks made by Ukip councillor Victoria Ayling in the Daily Mail video include:

...send them back.

[Rob Ayling] It's a bit National Front isn't it?

[Victoria Ayling] It's right though. But anyway...

Multiculturalism does not work - Britishness does.

[Away from camera] Multiculturalism is dead, I'm allowed to say that but maybe 'Britishness' is waving the National Front flag a bit.

I just want to send the lot back, but I can't say that.

[Rob Ayling] We'll nip that out in case...

[Victoria Ayling] Bribery, blackmail! We need the blackmail music, don't we!


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Ukip councillor in 'send them back' immigration video

The two-minute video was published on the Daily Mail website on Saturday night. Credit: Mail on Sunday

Ukip politician Victoria Ayling has hit her party with a new racism row after footage was published in which she said all immigrants to Britain should be sent home.

In video filmed by her then-husband Rob Ayling in 2008, the councillor makes off-the-cuff remarks including: "I just want to send the lot back but I can’t say that."

The film, published by the Daily Mail, includes multiple takes of Ayling's attempts to explain her personal views on immigration - but also her comments to her husband behind the camera between takes.

The Ukip member defected from the Conservatives earlier this year.

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Farage: Ayling comments 'slightly odd and unpleasant'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage told the Daily Mail that Victoria Ayling’s comments were "slightly odd", but added:

I have met her two or three times and I have discussed policy at length before accepting her into the party.

I had no reason to believe she held views that were extreme or inconsistent with ours.

While this comment looks odd and unpleasant there may be a context here that is slightly different to the way it appears.

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