Fire crews continue to battle Sherburn tyre blaze

Fire crews are at the scene of a fire at a recycling plant. A large amount of tyres are on fire in Sherburn in Elmet

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Tyre fire smoke warning

Under control but still burning Credit: PA

The large tyre fire at Newgen recycling plant in Sherburn in Elmet remains under control and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have advised that it is expected to burn itself out over the next 10 to 14 days. Officers from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service remain at the scene

However, they say weather and wind conditions are changeable over the weekend and this will affect the direction and height of the plume which continues to reduce in size.

Residents are advised to go about their daily business but if affected by the direction of the smoke plume, to stay indoors with their windows and doors closed. A 51-year-old local man has been arrested in connection with the investigation. He is on police bail pending further enquiries.

Latest advice on Sherburn tyre fire

North Yorkshire Police are advising residents to keep away from the smoke as much as possible - staying indoors with windows and doors closed.

While the smoke at the fire scene is lower this morning due to light wind and misty weather conditions, it is expected to lift and disperse during the day.

Police have assured people in the area that all the agencies involved are continuing to work hard to minimise the risks to the public and return to normality as quickly as possible.

A 51-year-old man was bailed yesterday by police investigating the cause of the fire.


Residents urged to remain vigilant as smoke plume predicted to lower

Local residents living near the scene of a huge tyre fire in North Yorkshire are being urged to remain vigilant and take precautions as the smoke plume is predicted to lower.

Although the general risk remains low, a drop in wind strength combined with fog conditions could result in the smoke plume lowering in the local area.

Public Health England is repeating its advice that people should stay away from the smoke.

"With this type of situation, which can be hard to predict due to weather conditions, our advice is to stay alert, take precautions and stay indoors to avoid coming into contact with the smoke. If you or someone you know begins to feel unwell due to the possible effects of smoke, please seek medical attention immediately if you have health concerns."

– Superintendent Andy McMillan of North Yorkshire Police

Tyre fire: Questions asked

Questions are being asked about how the massive tyre fire in North Yorkshire started.

Firefighters say they are likely to be at the scene in Sherburn in Elmet for a fortnight.

A huge cloud of smoke that can be seen for miles still hangs over the area. But experts say the risk to the public from the fall out from the fire is small.

Chris Kiddey has been right to the heart of where the blaze broke out for his report.


Councillor: Fire service's response impressive

Fire crews have been working through the night at the massive fire in North Yorkshire which is expected to last for days.

A huge plume of smoke still hangs over Sherburn in Elmet today at the tyre recycling plant near the airfield.

It involves 15,000 tonnes of tyres - covering a square kilometre. The fire service say the fire is contained but may take up to two weeks to extinguish. It's not yet known how it started.

Councillor Bob Packman, from North Yorkshire County Council, says the fire service's response was impressive:

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