McIntosh deselected from Thirsk and Malton seat

Anne McIntosh is deselected as the Conservative candidate for next year's election in her Thirsk and Malton seat, in North Yorkshire.

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McIntosh gets senior backing

A senior Conservative has reiterated praise for a backbencher sacked by her own constituency association ahead of the next General Election.

Anne McIntosh has been ousted from her seat Credit: Press Association

Commons Leader Andrew Lansley offered fresh endorsement for Anne McIntosh, who has been de-selected by her Thirsk and Malton constituency in North Yorkshire after 17 years as MP.

Mr Lansley said: "I reiterate what I said last week - we in this House value very much what you do as chair of the environment, food and rural affairs select committee and on behalf of your constituents.

"Speaking entirely personally, may I say from that point of view I very much regret the decision that was taken by Thirsk and Malton constituency association last week."

Ms McIntosh had urged Mr Lansley to work with the Church of England to set up a mechanism for people to donate to a relief fund for people affected by flooding.

McIntosh: I remain committed to the Conservative Party

I’d like to thank all those who supported me throughout, from both Vale of York and Thirsk and Malton.

It is my intention to stand for Thirsk, Malton and Filey constituency at the next General Election.

Meanwhile I remain committed to the Conservative Party locally and nationally and shall continue with my constituency and parliamentary duties with my customary passion.

In the coming year I will support Conservative candidates in the European Elections in Yorkshire and the Humber and Conservative local Government candidates in Thirsk, Malton and Filey in 2015.

– Anne McIntosh



McIntosh awaits fate

A senior Tory MP will find out later today if she is to be ousted from her seat by her local party members.

Anne McIntosh is facing a bid to be deselected as the Conservative candidate for next year's election in her Thirsk and Malton seat, in North Yorkshire.

McIntosh could be ousted from her seat Credit: Press Association

Miss McIntosh, 59, has been a prominent figure during the recent flooding crisis as chair of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

She has fallen out with her local party's executive, in particular chairman Peter Steveney.

A secret report found that senior Tories in the constituency have fought a long battle with Miss McIntosh to deselect her as the party's candidate in the next election.

Yesterday, Miss McIntosh received the support of Speaker John Bercow and Commons Leader Andrew Lansley.

As Tory MPs cheered their support for the MP, Mr Bercow then added: "I hope the cheers for that proposition will be noted in the north of England."

The internal inquiry found that the local executive broke the rules by co-opting a large number of new members on to the association's executive board weeks before a vote where it was decided not to reselect her for the 2015 general election.

The investigation decided the way she was deselected was "fundamentally flawed" and its result should be set aside.

The Thirsk and Malton seat was created for the 2010 election, when Miss McIntosh won with a majority of 11,281 over the Lib Dems.

She was MP for the now-defunct Vale of York seat from 1997 to 2010.

Local party members are understood to be travelling to London for the ballot count this afternoon.

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