Decision expected over Sheffield library closures

A decision is expected today over the proposed closure of libraries in Sheffield. Protests have been taking place over planned changes to the service.

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Decision over future of Sheffield libraries expected

The future of of some of Sheffield's closure threatened libraries could be known later today.

Last year Sheffield Council announced it was looking to close more than half of its 28 libraries because of budget cuts. Since then there been protests about the plans. Community groups have also come forward offering to run some of the threatened libraries.

Hundreds join in library protest

United the campaigners stand Credit: Gemma Short

More than 250 people visited Walkley Library in Sheffield as part of National Libraries Day and the campaign to prevent 15 local libraries being shut. Many took part in a 'Big Shhh' flashmob timed to coincide with a 'Big Shhh' in every library in Sheffield.

People also signed letters to councillors asking them to vote against proposed closures of the local services. Children took part in craft activities and storytime - and also did their part for the campaign to keep the library open, by shouting 'We love our library' on the library steps.

We love our library Credit: Gemma Short
Shouting on the steps Credit: Gemma Short


The 'big shush' to try to save Sheffield libraries from closure

Campaigners at Stannington library Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Campaigners have gathered in Sheffield today to protest at council plans to close some of the city's libraries.

Up to 16 libraries could shut within two years unless community groups step in to save them. This protest - or big shush ... at Stannington library was one of several being held throughout the city to highlight the campaign to keep the libraries open - and as part of National Libraries Day.

Hundreds hold 'silent' protest over library closures

Around 250 people haven taken part in a 'Big Shh' flashmob at a Sheffield library to protest over closure plans. Campaigners fell silent at 11am at Walkley Library to coincide with other protests at libraries across the city.

They also signed letter to councillors asking them to vote against proposed closure of local services

"We want all the local libraries to stay open under council control, they are vital for the local community, running events such as parent and toddler story times."

Annette Hobson, campaigner

Protest over changes to library services

A protest will go ahead outside a Sheffield library today over planned changes to the service.

Stannington Library could lose council support and be passed to the voluntary sector this summer.

This is a worrying time for everyone who values the work that libraries do in our society, and the value that they have for all of us. Saturday's action will be a small but very visible way of showing that people really care about this service and do not wish to lose it.

The library here in Stannington is not simply a nice leisure add-on for people with time on their hands. It is a vital learning facility for anyone, young or old, looking for a more fulfilled or productive life. And the value of the work professional librarians do to help people achieve their aims and needs within libraries can never be over-estimated. No volunteer-run facility could ever fully match this

We all want the council to think again about what is being proposed, and consider other, better ways of re-structuring the service.

– Bob Mynors, organiser


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