House demolished after Ripon sinkhole damage

The house that was torn apart when a sinkhole opened up in the ground below it is now a pile of rubble.

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  1. Tyne Tees

Neighbours watch house 'splitting in two'

A neighbour of the property on the verge of collapse has said she is shocked even though she knew about the gypsum problem.

"It's a bit of a shock, really.

"It's definitely widened since first thing this morning.

"We've been aware for quite some time that there's a gypsum problem in this area."

"You can't see the hole from here - just the poor house splitting in two.

"It's a worry for us residents, really. We're assured that our buildings are safe. But it's a bit close for comfort, really."

– Emily Moon, owner of neighbouring property
  1. Tyne Tees

Homeowners 'very distressed' at collapse danger

A councillor said he has spoken to the family living in the house on the verge of collapse and that they were "very distressed".

Local residents said there was a long-standing problem with gypsum-related subsidence in the area which had caused other homes to collapse over the years.

"I'm a little bit shocked by what's happened today. Surprised? Perhaps not, because there is a history in Ripon of gypsum dissolution.

"Whether this is actually down to gypsum, I don't know. I think it's too early to say. I suspect it is."

"My thoughts go out the the residents who were actually living in the house.

"It must be tremendously worrying at this point.

"I've spoken to them this morning and offered my support.

"They were very distressed this morning and they just wanted to get some sort of normality back into their lives."

– Stuart Martin, local Tory councillor on Harrogate Borough Council

The British Geological Survey has said that the most susceptible area in the UK for sinkholes is the Permian gypsum deposits of north-east England, particularly around Ripon.

  1. Tyne Tees

Specialist engineers working at sinkhole site

A sinkhole has opened up under a detached house, leaving part of the structure close to collapse and people living nearby worried about the future of their properties.

The 25ft (7.6m) wide hole opened up beneath the 100-year-old building in Magdalen's Close in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Firefighters rescued a dog from the property before the whole area was sealed off.

"A fire engine and a heavy rescue unit from Ripon are currently on scene at Magdalen's Close in Ripon where cracks have appeared in the ground, causing damage to a nearby building.

"There are no occupiers in the property and one dog has been successfully rescued. Residents from adjacent properties have been evacuated as a precaution.

"The crews have cordoned off the area and are awaiting the arrival of specialist engineers."

– Firefighter
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