Former soldiers held in India to be released

Two former soldiers from our region, being held in India on weapons charges, have been granted bail and will be released on Friday. But another man, from York, has been told he won't be released.

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Families face more uncertainty over former soldiers in Indian prison

There's more heartache tonight for the families of former soldiers being held in an Indian prison as their release date has been delayed yet again.

Ray Tindall from Hull is one of six men arrested while they provided protection from pirates for ships on the Indian ocean.

All but one, including Ray, were granted bail eleven days ago, but they still haven't been released . Ray's mother Carole says she's being kept in the dark by the Government, as Helen Steel reports.

Prime Minister speaks to Indian ministers about jailed York man

The Foreign Office says David Cameron has spoken to Indian authorities about a former soldier from York, being held on suspected weapons charges.

Two men from this region and another three from elsewhere in the UK, have been granted bail. Paul Towers has been told he will remain behind bars.

"This is a difficult and important case, which the Prime Minister has raised with Indian ministers, as has the Foreign Secretary, and minister Swire.

"The High Commissioner has also raised it with the Indian authorities in India. We will continue to do all that we can.

"We are aware that five of the British nationals have been granted bail today.

"While we are unable to demand the release of British nationals, or interfere in another country's legal processes, we continue to make very clear our interest in this case, and the importance of ensuring that it is resolved as quickly as possible."

– Foreign Office spokesperson


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Former soldiers should be freed from Indian jail on Friday

Two men from this region have been granted bail from an Indian prison, but a third has had his bail application rejected.

The men are among six former British soldiers who have been held on weapons charges since October.

Paul Towers from York has been told he will remain in detention.

Nicholas Simpson from Catterick and Nick Dunn from Ashington in Northumberland are expected to be freed from jail on Friday.

Soldiers held in Indian prison to be released next week

Families of men jailed in India head for Number 10

The families of six men in jail in India accused of weapons smuggling, have today stepped up a campaign to get them freed by going to Downing Street.

Three of the men are from the Calendar region and have spent months in prison. They claim they were providing security for other ships when they were arrested.

Their latest bail application was adjourned last week.

Now their families have handed in a petition at number 10, appealing for the government's help. Gregg Easteel has more:


No bail for soldiers held in Indian jail

A reserved judgement has been made over three former soldiers from our region, being held in India on weapons charges.

Ray Tindall

Paul Towers from Pocklington, Nicholas Simpson from Caterick and Ray Tindall from Hull - who were provinding security for ships were hoping to be allowed to go home.

They will now remain in prison while legal proceedings continue.

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