Hull residents' parking charges could rise by 400%

Parking charges for some people in Hull could rise by 400%. Some of the spaces affected are near the KC Stadium where residents were told they would not have to pay for parking.

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Motorists vow to fight hike in parking permits

Drivers living close to the centre of Hull are vowing to fight plans by the city council to raise prices for parking permits outside their own homes.

Councillors are considering proposals which would see a four hundred per cent rise in some permits while other residents who until now have parked for free may also have to pay. Lisa Adlam has more.

Hull parking charges could be quadrupled

Some people in Hull could have their annual parking charges quadrupled under new council proposals.

Residents near the KC were told they would not pay for parking

Residents in areas around the city centre, Newington, St Andrews and roads off Holderness Road might have their fee raised from £7.50 to £33.

Elsewhere, people living near the KC Stadium will have charges introduced for the first time.

They do not currently pay anything because of the disruption caused on match days.

The council says it is "looking at the city's parking strategy and as such a number of options and proposals have been prepared and as yet no decisions have been made through the Council's decision making process."

Councillor Claire Thomas told ITV Calendar: "It's simply wrong to start charging people 400 per cent more to park outside their house."


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