Protest against Lincolnshire fire cuts

Protestors against possible cuts to Lincolnshire's fire service are demonstrating in Lincoln city centre today.

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'Lives will be at risk from cuts,' say Lincs Fire Brigades Union

Firefighters angry over proposed cuts to the service in Lincolnshire have been protesting today.

Members of the Fire Brigades Union turned out in Lincoln to oppose the plans which could see crew numbers cut as savings of £1.2m needs to be made.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said it will find a way to minimise the impact on front line services.

Protest against Lincolnshire fire service cuts

Protestors against possible cuts to Lincolnshire's fire service will demonstrate in Lincoln city centre later today.

A protest against cuts to Lincolnshire Fire Service will be held today

The Defend Our Fire Service group together with the Fire Brigade Union are opposing plans which could see cut backs made to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

"The jobs of dozens of firefighters are threatened by cut proposals, and the FBU are absolutely right in organising this protest to defend their members' livelihoods.

"But these cuts will have a serious effect on the public too and the services that our communities receive.

"Under the proposed cuts plans, Lincolnshire residents will have to wait longer for a fire engine after they've called 999, and when one shows up, there'll be less firefighters on board.

"We're calling on members of the public to unite together with the FBU to stop these cuts proposals and defend our fire services."

– Elaine Smith, Defend Our Fire Services

The protest, organised by the Lincolnshire branch of the Fire Brigades Union, will take place today from 11am.

Protesters will assemble by the war memorial on the corner of St Benedict's Square and the High Street in Lincoln.


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