Candidates' names missing from Hull postal ballot paper

The names of Karl Turner (Labour) and Sarah Walpole (Greens) are missing from some postal ballot papers sent out in Hull.

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Hull Council sends out replacement ballot papers after 'printing error'

Hull City Council has hand-delivered replacement postal ballot packs to all electors affected by an earlier error that had resulted in them being sent packs which had the names of two candidates missing.

A printing error had seen 484 electors sent General Election ballot papers with the names of Hull East Constituency candidates Karl Turner, standing for Labour, and Sarah Walpole, standing for the Green Party missing.

Replacement packs were hand-delivered on Thursday 30 April - two days after electors would have received the invalid papers.

Robust processes have also been put in place to identify any invalid ballot papers that are returned to ensure that they are replaced by the valid papers, once received.

We do apologise that this error occurred, but having quickly identified it we are confident that we have taken every available step to rectify the situation and manage it effectively.

– Ian Anderson, Town Clerk and Acting Returning Officer for the General Election in Hull

Printing error blamed for missing names on ballot papers

A printing error in Hull is prompting concerns that some voters could potentially miss out on their chance to select their preferred candidate for next week's General Election. People in the Hull East constituency who registered for a postal vote after the first of April have received a form that doesn't include two of the candidates. This has been put down to a mistake from the printing supplier and new forms will be sent out as Michael Billington reports.

This is the full list of candidates in Hull East:

  • Richard Barrett (UKIP)
  • Martin Clayton (Yorkshire First)
  • Mike Cooper (National Front)
  • Val Hoodless (Social Democratic Party)
  • Christine Mackay (Conservative)
  • David Nolan (Liberal Democrats)
  • Karl Turner (Labour)
  • Sarah Walpole ( Green)


Hull Council apologises for 'printing error' on ballot paper

Hull City Council has apologised for a printing error which saw two parliamentary candidates missing from postal ballot papers sent out to constituents.

Around 484 people living in east Hull who registered to vote by post after 1 April 2015 were sent out the ballot paper with the printing error.

Hull East Constituency candidates Karl Turner, standing for Labour, and Sarah Walpole, standing for the Green Party were missing from the ballot papers.

The council says ballot papers are being re-issued with a slip explaining the error.

Firstly I would like to unreservedly apologise to Karl Turner and Sarah Walpole for this inadvertent mistake that was made on this second print run of postal votes for those who registered to vote after 1 April and also to those residents who have received the incorrect papers to make their postal vote.

We are investigating with our printing supplier to find out what has gone wrong. We are printing and sending out a new batch of postal votes for those residents who are affected. This will be done as quickly as possible to ensure that it does not affect people’s chance to have their say in next week’s General Election.

– Ian Anderson, the council’s Acting Returning Officer for the General Elections
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