HMIC: South Yorkshire Police 'must do more to improve the protection of children'

The police force at the centre of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal still needs to make "major improvements" to some of its child protection procedures, according to Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

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Lord Scriven calls on South Yorkshire police chief to resign

Lord Scriven, the former leader of Sheffield City Council, has called on the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police David Crompton to resign over the latest child sexual abuse revelations.

Scriven told ITV Calendar that police on the ground are not doing enough to keep children out of harm or "at least keep them in a safe place".

I've taken the view enough is enough. I said about a year ago that jury was out on the senior management team at South Yorkshire Police, including the Chief Constable. I've now come to the view, reluctantly that it needs to happen and the Chief Constable needs to go. It's quite clear that those at the top are talking a good talk but when independent people go in it shows that on the ground young people are not being believed, reporting is hap hazardous at best and that actually in quite vulnerable situations where children are at risk that the police on the ground are not taking the type of action to take those children out of harm or at least keep them in a safe place so the chief constable has to go.

– Lord Scriven


South Yorkshire Police: There is more that we can do

South Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee says there is more the force can do to address the failings highlighted in today's HMIC report.

The force watchdog said the force had made improvements over the past year, but changes weren't being implemented quickly enough.

Of the 28 cases assessed in the report:

Require Improvement

PCC: Report paints 'mixed picture' of South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner says today's HMIC report paints a "mixed picture" of the force.

Dr Alan Billings

The report says South Yorkshire Police has improved in some areas but still needs "major improvements" to child protection practices.

This report paints a mixed picture. This should not surprise us because it comes at a particular moment in time. The initial inspection was in May last year. But it was overtaken by the Jay report which came out in August. That changed everything. For the first time the full extent of child sexual exploitation was revealed. Since then South Yorkshire Police have had to look at every area of their practice, past and present.

The report shows the force where they have made progress but more particularly where improvements still have to be made. Part of my task will be to ensure that what is recommended is implemented.

– Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire PCC
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