Police probe possible links between Heath, Savile and Jaconelli

North Yorkshire Police is investigating any possible link between former Prime Minister Ted Heath, and suspected paedophiles Jimmy Savile and his friend Peter Jaconelli.

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Probe after photo emerges showing Ted Heath meeting Peter Jaconelli

North Yorkshire Police is checking its records for any mention of Sir Edward Heath after a photograph emerged of him meeting Peter Jaconelli, a suspected paedophile and friend of Jimmy Savile.

Credit: Ross Parry

The photo from the 1970s shows Sir Edward shaking hands with Jaconelli, who died in 1999. The pair are taking part in a civic engagement and are surrounded by crowds.

To clarify, North Yorkshire Police is not currently investigating any complaints linked to Edward Heath.

We are however undertaking a comprehensive search of force systems to assess if there is any information or intelligence held in relation to Mr Heath.

Until this work has been completed, it would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage.

– North Yorkshire Police


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