Man in court for glassing dancer

Andrew Shires is being sentenced for glassing an aspiring dancer.

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Man who glassed dancer avoids jail term

A man who smashed a bottle into the face of woman through her car window, scarring her for life, has escaped jail. Chris Kiddey's report contains images you may find upsetting.


Dancer is 'devastated' and 'bewildered' at sentencing

Chloe Knapton says she is 'devastated' and 'bewildered' after the man who glassed her in the face has received a twelve month suspended sentence.

"I don't actually have words at the moment. I'm a bit shocked and numb about it all. I'll probably be upset later."

– Chloe Knapton, assault victim

"I thought I'd go to prison"

Andrew Shires has reacted to his sentence by admitting he thought he was going to prison. The 37-year-old has been given a twelve month suspended sentence after he walked over from a bus stop to glass a woman as she sat behind the wheel of her own car. It left her scarred for life and threw her burgeoning career as a professional dancer in to doubt.

Speaking to our reporter, Chris Kiddey, as he left court Shires said he is lucky to be a free man, and he will try to "do something with my life."


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