RAF typhoons cause sonic booms across Yorkshire

Two loud bangs heard across Yorkshire are being blamed on sonic booms. It was caused after RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to deal with an 'unresponsive civilian aircraft'

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RAF Typhoons create sonic booms across Yorkshire

Thousands of people across Yorkshire got a bit of a shock last night when huge bangs were heard right across the region. Within minutes social media went into a frenzy with reports of houses shaking, windows cracking and general panic at what many thought was an explosion.

It was the sound of two RAF Typhoons creating sonic booms after being scrambled to intercept a French aircraft which was experiencing problems as it came in to land.

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Opening CCTV courtesy of Paul Griffiths / Pulse1

Sonic booms 'rare event' over land

Aviation expert Dr Stephen Wright from Leeds University says it is very rare to hear sonic booms because it is a criminal offence to fly at speeds greater than Mach 1 over land in the UK. Anyone who does this normally has to answer immediately to the Civil Aviation Authority with very good reasons as to why they broke the rules.


Listen: sonic booms captured on CCTV

The sound of two RAF Typhoons breaking the sound barrier over Yorkshire was captured on CCTV. The jets were scrambled to escort an Air France passenger plane into Newcastle airport after the aircraft lost touch with air traffic control due to communication problems.

Video courtesy of Paul Griffiths, Pulse 1.

Air France confirms radio communication problem caused RAF jets to be scrambled

Air France has confirmed that RAF jets were scrambled to escort one of their planes into Newcastle airport after a radio communication problem caused the flight to lose contact with ground control.

The jets broke the sound barrier as they flew to join the aircraft, causing a sonic boom which was heard across West, South and North Yorkshire.

Air France confirms that due to a radio communication problem, flight AF 1558 en route from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Newcastle and operated by CityJet had to be accompanied by two British fighter aircrafts according to the procedure. The aircraft landed normally in Newcastle at 22h20 (local time). The pilots and cabin crew are trained on a regular basis to deal with this type of incident. For Air France, the absolute priority is to maintain the safety of its clients at the highest level.

– Air France statement

Newcastle Airport confirm plane escorted in by Typhoon jets

Newcastle Airport Credit: ITV News

Newcastle Airport has confirmed that RAF aircraft escorted a flight operated with an Air France flight code, into the airport earlier this evening:

We can confirm flight AFR1558 from Paris, Charles De Gaulle was escorted into Newcastle Airport by RAF aircraft having lost communication with Air Traffic Control. The aircraft landed safely at 22:23.

– Newcastle International Airport spokesperson


Aviation enthusiasts get photo of plane they say was escorted by RAF jets

The AirLive website which is run by a group of aviation enthusiasts has obtained a photograph of the plane they say was escorted in to Newcastle Airport on Monday evening by Typhoon jets from RAF Coningsby after losing contact with air traffic control:

Air traffic website claims jets intercepted plane that lost radio contact

A twitter account that monitors air traffic says it believes the RAF typhoon jets were scrambled to escort an Air France plane in to Newcastle Airport which had lost radio contact.

RAF confirm Typhoon launched to identify 'unresponsive civilian aircraft'

The RAF has confirmed that typhoon aircraft were launched from RAF Coningsby this evening after reports of an unresponsive civilian aircraft.

“Quick reaction alert Typhoon aircraft were launched today from RAF Coningsby to identify an unresponsive civilian aircraft. Communications were re-established and the aircraft has been safely landed.”

– RAF spokesperson
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