Scunthorpe pilot missing with footballer Emiliano Sala

The pilot who is missing along with footballer Emiliano Sala has been named as Dave Ibbotson.

Mr Ibbotson, from Crowle, near Scunthorpe, was flying Sala from France to Cardiff when the single-turbine engine Piper PA-46 Malibu plane went missing over the English Channel on Monday night.

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One occupant visible in wreckage of plane, say investigators

A body has been found amidst the wreckage of a missing plane thought to be carrying Lincolnshire pilot David Ibbotson and footballer Emiliano Sala.

An underwater search began on Sunday and the fuselage from the plane was found on the seabed.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch say a body was discovered amongst broken up parts of the plane.

The AAIB will discuss their next steps with the families of the pilot and the passenger and police.

Credit: UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch


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Underwater search vessel arrives in Guernsey

MORVEN search vessel arrives in Guernsey Credit: ITV Channel TV

An underwater search vessel has arrived in Guernsey, ready to start searching the seabed for a missing plane this weekend.

It left Southampton last night and will be used to hunt four square nautical miles of seabed, where air accident investigators believe it is most likely footballer Emiliano Sala and his pilot came down.

MORVEN search vessel arrives in Guernsey Credit: ITV Channel TV

Yesterday, cushions thought to be from the plane washed up on a beach in France.


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