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MPs hold 'worthwhile' talks with PM on renewable energy potential

Two Conservative MPs say they have had 'a worthwhile' meeting with the Prime Minister in which they discussed how their areas could benefit from the renewable energy sector.

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers and Andrew Percy, who represents Brigg and Goole, met David Cameron and Energy Minister John Hayes this afternoon.

The Government recognise the opportunities the industry offers and we were able to emphasise the advantages the Humber and northern Lincolnshire in particular has over other parts of the country.

It is ideally located, land is available along with the necessary dock facilities. Much expertise is already available in the local community and training schemes are being developed to meet the demands of the industry.

I am confident the Government is doing all it can to support growth in the area and thousands of jobs could follow.

– Martin Vickers MP (Conservative, Cleethorpes)

The Prime Minister was clearly very well aware of the potential for renewable energy in the Humber area and he pledged to do whatever he could to support the creation of thousands of jobs in the sector.

Martin and I discussed the possibilities surrounding not just off-shore wind but also bioethanol and biomass.

The Prime Minister has agreed to take away a number of the issues we raised today for further consideration.

– Andrew Percy MP (Conservative, Brigg and Goole)