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Bowel cancer patients are missing out on vital test

Bowel cancer patients could be missing out on the best treatment and outcomes because a vital test is not being used enough according to a report out today.

A biomarker test is a way of identifying which patients are more likely to respond to a particular treatment, based on the genetic make-up of their tumour.

The research shows that bowel cancer specialists are testing less frequently than breast and lung cancer clinicians.

The latest figures show that in Hull and East Yorkshire, 398 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year.

In North Lincolnshire 103 cases are diagnosed every year.

In neighbouring North-East Lincolnshire that figure rises slightly to 108 cases.

And in the rest of Lincolnshire 582 people are found to have the disease every year.

Paul Cox was diagnosed with bowel cancer 5 years ago. He has had chemotherapy and an operation to remove his tumour and finally received the all-clear two years after his treatment began.

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