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Farmer cleared of shooting at getaway van

It has taken four months but a farmer from North Yorkshire who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after firing his shotgun at a getaway van has had his name cleared.

Bill Edwards took the shot at the van on his land near Scarborough knowing that there was a thief inside. He then chased it for several miles as he dialled 999 for help.

Police, who decided to arrest Bill and lock him in a cell overnight, have now said that no further action will be taken against him. Chris Kiddey reports.


Protecting homes from intruders

As the Government says it wants to change the law to allow householders more protection against burglars, one woman from Barnsley has told of her terrifying ordeal at the hands of a man who broke into her home.

Linda Smith was left in a pool of blood, after a raider who broke in demanding cash, repeatedly smashed her in the face. Linda says she would have fought back if she'd thought the law was on her side. This report from Martin Fisher.