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PM hails Newark by-election winner Robert Jenrick

Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the new Conservative MP of Newark, Robert Jenrick on Twitter by saying he will work to deliver a "brighter future".

New Newark MP: 'We fought a local campaign"

The new Newark MP has dismissed the success of UKIP, saying his party fought a campaign on local issues. Conservative Robert Jenrick replaces the former MP, Patrick Mercer, who stepped down over a "cash for questions" row.

UKIP made big gains to come second in yesterday's by-election. The Tories' majority was cut significantly from over 16,000 to just over 7,000.


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Labour to 'hold Jenrick to account until election'

After the Conservatives win in the Newark by-election, Labour candidate Michael Payne has revealed he will push Robert Jenrick all the way "to the General Election."

Robert Jenrick, the Conservative candidate, won the Newark by-election with Ukip coming in second and Labour in third.

Conservative candidate Robert Jenrick after winning the Newark by-election. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA

Speaking this morning, Labour's candidate spoke of how proud he was of his party's campaign during the by-election.

He said: "While this was always going to be a tough by-election, I am extremely proud of the campaign that Labour has fought.

"In the months ahead, I'll continue campaigning on those issues and holding Robert Jenrick to account right the way through to the General Election."

Newark by-election full results

The Conservative's Robert Jenrick has won the Newark by-election with a majority of over 7,000.

Newark election results

Other candidates scored the following votes:

Nick the Flying Brick (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party) - 168

Andy Hayes (Independent) - 117

David Bishop (Bus-Pass Elvis Party) - 87

Dick Rogers (Stop Commercial Banks Owning Britain's Money) - 64

Lee Woods (Patriotic Socialist Party) - 18


Labour and Conservative candidates arrive at Newark count

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